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How to make awakening permanent - part 1.

Do you feel that sometimes you forget what's most important? Then from now on do only what matters... Instead of searching for more information outside, whatever you know, seen, heard or experienced, apply it right here and right now.......

Awakening is beautiful

When you awaken you become totally honest with yourself. You realize that you saw the truth all along but you covered it up so that you could survive a fairytale that only existed in your mind....

It's time for you to discover who you really are

Invitation video to discover yourself...

The secret to a happy life

(in Hungarian, with English subtitles)


Fight or give up?

We build walls around ourselves. We are defensive, demanding and we attack from behind them. Sometimes we feel hurt and other times so that we hurt others. The attacks seem …

Fight against the ego

Naturally the ego and the logical thinking takes part in the process of self-realization and in understanding since it’s important for you to have a basis for the wisdom that …