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Being in love with life is like no other love you've ever experienced. Your heart is fully open and enjoys this never ending, colorful dance called life.

Events Secret to a happy life - Video


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Are you honest to yourself? - Self-doubt

(This video is only available in Hungarian)

You were born to be happy (in English)

You were born to be happy. To be happy the way you want. To be happy the way you are. By risking everything instead of wanting to be safe you'll free fall into happiness that never ends. You'll free fall into "here and now".

Is awakening easy? (English subtitles)

Awakening itself is easy, really, it simply just happens when you're open to it. However, having an insight of the present moment doesn't mean that someone remains awake for the rest of their life.

The secret to a happy life

(in Hungarian, with English subtitles)


The Ultimate Good

As awareness, your movements are in harmony and aligned with the greatest good no matter what they look like. That also means that others might not always recognize this ultimate …

It was at dawn…

It was at dawn, I woke up. I was sitting timelessly in the middle of my mind. Cavalcade of spinning shadows rumbled around me, And the waives of my thoughts …