The root of suffering – Is desire itself good or bad?

Seekers around the world are looking for the root of suffering and happiness. Buddhists say that the source of suffering is desire although there are two different type of desires. One comes from the feeling of lack and fear generates it, and the other one comes from joy and love.

As long as you live driven by your subconscious reactions, emotions and thoughts, you are motivated by fear that makes you focus on the lack of things and therefore there is always a dissatisfaction. Even when you achieve goals, there is never rest, there is always the next feeling of lack and the feeling of need for things, people, relationships, accomplishments, all of which is based on a fear you don't even realize most of the time.

The other type of desire comes from the joy of being that is love itself. Awareness is aware of everything and once you realize your true nature, your old desires fade, an infinite amount of love arises towards the whole world that you are one with. Therefore although the peace within you allows everything to happen the way it is, because you are free to rest and free to be active in the same time, whenever you participate in anything - visible or not - that comes from that love. It's similar to when you are in love. You have a burning desire to be with your loved one and that includes passive and active times as well. The difference though is that in the free desire you don't have the feeling that you had anything to gain nor to loose.

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