You Are the Key to Yourself Always Free Always Complete Consciousness Infinite Love

Consciousness Here and Now

Knowing your real self is the greatest revelation you can have. It’s like being born to a new life full of joy, leaving the old one behind kindly, with no regrets. In order to wake from the nightmare of your life you need to discover who you are beyond your personality…


Watch some videos from Nerella’s YouTube channel. New ones in English to be uploaded soon.

Private Consultations

Private sessions via video conferencing in a gentle and supportive atmosphere. A direct guidance helps you discover limiting tendencies of the mind and to realize the beauty and power of Awareness and Consciousness.

Awakening from the painful dream of the mind is one of the greatest joys. Once you are fed up with the endless search and growth I will help you unveil your false self-image and get to know the boundless Consciousness, you really are.

Thus, instead of chasing pink dreams and constantly struggling, you can finally really live. I also point to your Completeness and  the Silence that lies within you, which transcends all thoughts.

This may be surprising, but still, Natural. And once you’ve glimpsed the beauty of the present, it’s time to unveil further tricks of the mind so that your presence can stabilize and so you can take the practical side of life with ease, as well.

We focus on the following topics: Relationships, Success, Health, Active Attention, Balance, Love, Joy, Pleasure, Inspiration, Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom, Freedom, Self-Knowledge, Awakening and Self-Realization.

“Being in love with life is like nothing you have ever experienced.
Your heart is fully open and you enjoy this never ending, colorful dance called life.”


This is how many times a regular person smiles in a day. How about you?


There are so many seconds in a day. How do you utilize them?


Were you aware of this? That is the number of people that you can ensure their happiness.

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