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About Nerella

“Helping you to discover the ultimate truth, to awaken out of the nightmare of your life in the form of webinars, workshops, consultations and retreats.”

She was born with extrasensory sensations. Began to write “out of silence” on a daily basis for years starting at the age of 16. Her mother was her partner in those first years of self-discovery in Hungary, Europe.

Studies of the human psychology, behavioral genetics, philosophy, spirituality and the essence of teachings of eastern masters and healing energy work was brought by an infinite thirst for truth. Those opportunities of directly looking into the present moment were significant with Lama Ole Nydahl Tibetan Buddhist teacher on Phowa courses in Europe. Later on following Sri Ramana Maharshi’s line, one of Papaji’s student, Gangagi’s direct pointing was a milestone in these revelations. Gangaji drew her a “Map to Awareness” on a silent retreat on a post-it note in 2005 in New York. The instruction she gave her was to hold it as her book’s title describes, too a “Diamond in my pocket” and to keep it folded until “uncertainty becomes natural”… It remained that way in her pockets, drawers, bags and most of all in her heart, for years. Once the time has arrived to open it, it has become one of the basis of what is being shared on theConsciousness Webinars, lectures, workshops and consultations as well.

Her gratitude is endless towards all the great teachers in the past and living right now and sharing this beauty: “It is amazing to see how humanity is awakening and TO BE (part of) IT using this human form…”

After all that said:
“I am inviting you to discover your real self, your true power, true purity, beauty and completeness. To discover consciousness itself, that you have always been.”

These events are about Spiritual Awakening, Consciousness, Conscious Living in our Daily Lives and Non-Duality. To live a fulfilled and conscious life. Self-inquiry shows the natural state of our Balance, Love, Happiness, Joy, Inspiration, Power, Knowledge, Wisdom and Freedom.

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