Consciousness Here and Now​

Consciousness Here and Now Knowing your real self is the greatest revelation you can have. It’s like being born to a new life full of joy, leaving the old one behind kindly, with no regrets. In order to wake up from the nightmare of your life you need to be willing to discover reality and to […]

Paintings and Drawings

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Unconditional Love is nothing but pure joy of the everlasting moment

Unconditional Love is nothing but pure joy of the everlasting moment What is your life worth if you are not present? What is the light worth that is radiating from you if you’re not aware of them, and what is the world of illusions and fables about, if you don’t know that they are all […]

The play of Duality and Non-duality in a human life

The play of Duality and Non-duality in a human life The Play of Duality | Suffering and Healing Our mind has constant reactions to each situation in every moment. Our thoughts and performance are based on those reactions. Subconscious fears are the basis of anger, hatred, resentment, guilt, hostility, sadness and disappointment as well even […]

The Ultimate Good

The Ultimate Good As awareness, your movements are in harmony and aligned with the greatest good no matter what they look like. That also means that others might not always recognize this ultimate motivation in your actions. They can look beautiful and understandable by everyone but also, they can look like when “Jesus entered the […]

Be Honest to yourself on the “Path”

Be Honest to yourself on the “Path” To be honest to yourself is the key to consciousness. Start admitting what’s happening within you. But don’t stop when you have an answer because there is always more behind it. This is the key. As long as you have a conclusion that you can put into words, […]

88 – Love

88 – Love Dear… Your words – just like your eyesRadiate love that’s endless,And you know it well, they’ll leave a mark in my soul forever, the deepest. The presence of the moment has adjudged the shine of our eyes to perpetuity,And placed the rapture of our sweet love into presence,  into infinity. This feeling […]

Dawn – A story of awakening

Dawn – A story of awakening It was at dawn, I woke up.I was sitting timelessly in the middle of my mind.Cavalcade of spinning shadows rumbled around me,And the waives of my thoughts started twirls of dance.Theatre on the silent stage of peace,Telling me the dream of my life I have been living – without […]