Consciousness Here and Now

Knowing your real self is the greatest revelation you can have. It’s like being born to a new life full of joy, leaving the old one behind kindly, with no regrets. In order to wake up from the nightmare of your life you need to be willing to discover reality and to allow your identification with your limiting thoughts, concepts, emotions, life story and all your habitual approaches towards the world disappear. Once you’ve recognized that fixing issues of your life story and personality will only have temporary results you feel the hunger to go “all the way” within yourself.

A gentle yet direct guidance can help you discover what’s holding you back and what’s here and now and helps you to understand reality and your true self. Diving from duality into non-duality is also just a concept though because there is only awareness and you’ve always been your “higher self”. You have always been the SELF. Your happiness has infinite possibilities. Realizing that in the deepest way allows you to access total freedom and your true self starts to shine, inevitably. Being in love with life is like no other love you’ve ever experienced. Your heart is fully open and enjoys this never ending, colorful dance called life.

That inquiry allows you to discover that moving in alignment with the greatest truth results in effortless actions. That is real Self-Empowerment. The source of your being is the source of all energy you’ll ever need to accomplish whatever the fire that is burning in you drives you to do. Once that fire and love turns towards the timeless truth, it will burn up all personal desires and your goals will turn into part of a harmonious game aligned with the truth of your being resulting tremendous joy that you can share with others as well.

Being one with everyone is more than being connected with every being of the world. Because there is only one infinite being looking through the eyes of all of us. You will recognize yourself in everyone and everything, with overflowing love, respect and more fun than ever before. The presence of presence is invisible, very subtle, yet more powerful than anything. It is consciousness itself. It’s the most natural to you and the most joyful because it’s who you really are. Awareness itself. Give up all your ideas, merge into it and you will discover that the true you never dies, has nothing to loose and that you’ve known it all along.

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