The play of Duality and Non-duality in a human life

The Play of Duality | Suffering and Healing

Our mind has constant reactions to each situation in every moment. Our thoughts and performance are based on those reactions. Subconscious fears are the basis of anger, hatred, resentment, guilt, hostility, sadness and disappointment as well even if we long for harmony, security and love. Our inherited behavior patterns effect all areas of our life including family, partner-relationships, work, health and overall quality of life. Discover how the mind works and it won’t have power over you anymore. Consciousness isn’t affected by the subconscious.

Your subconscious relation to women and men was passed on to you through generations. By discovering your hidden, subconscious fears and doubts regarding yourself and your partner you can have a new, open approach towards relationships. Your femininity or masculinity can freely radiate and you can enjoy your sexual life.

Negative emotions are paired with stress hormones and block the circulation of energy and the necessary chemicals in your body causing illnesses. By recognizing how your mind operates you can overcome your past based reactions and your body’s self-healing mechanism naturally activates itself.

The Play of Non-Duality | Awakening and Blooming

There is the One infinite being that is experiencing existence through everyone and everything. Called God, the Universe, Infinity, Awareness, Consciousness and many other name was formed about it. But the most important about it is that it’s you. Your real self.

When we realize what is our true nature, we recognize ourselves in everyone. Our physical appearance differs but this three dimensional world is only a fraction of the totality of existence. When you discover that, you no longer fear earthly things, including death, and the story of your life looses it’s priority. In the same time you naturally start to appreciate and love everything and every being in a different level.

Having to take a closer and deeper look at yourself “each time” opens the door to your infinite being and keeps it open until the door disappears and there is no one you imagine to be “outside” of anything anymore. That is when the real fun begins, that is when life is being lived to the fullest without you living it personally. At that point you see the world through the eyes of God and understand how things work beyond the mind’s comprehension.  That is your true and natural way of being. Stop resisting reality and you will discover the most obvious truth. When that happens, it’s called Enlightenment.

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