How can creativity and self-discovery connect?


Yes, you can do it!

You might believe that drawing and painting is a matter of manual skills that you don’t have. The truth is that expectations, fears, doubts and logical thinking can prevent you from expressing your creativity. We will develop the way you perceive things by so you can draw and paint them. If you know how to write you have all the manual skills you need to start with. Everyone receives personal attention on our workshops so beginner and advanced students are also welcome for private and group sessions as well.

Classical and modern art techniques are both used on the workshops. Self-confidence and self-awareness arises naturally at the completion of successful exercises, drawings, paintings and in interactive conversations.

This composite of conscious attention and artistic activities makes these programs very unique, extremely powerful, lasting yet visibly effective in a short time. You can discover your hidden artistic and creative skills in just a matter of days. Discover the artist and your creative skills that you can apply in your daily life following the worlshops.





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