Unconditional Love is nothing but pure joy of the everlasting moment

What is your life worth if you are not present? What is the light worth that is radiating from you if you’re not aware of them, and what is the world of illusions and fables about, if you don’t know that they are all yours?

You are the crown and the source of creation, who is continuously forming billions of moments out of infinite desire and imagination beams, you shouldn’t believe those who suffer! People who suffer aren’t talking about the truth. They are just afraid of the endless space, afraid of the opportunities because they cannot utilize them. Infinity is too much for them. They wish to achieve numerous goals but if you asked them further, or to go deeper, they don’t have the courage to really look or the free fantasy to fill up the space. So they tumble between extremes since they erected walls so that they would have the illusion of security.

Infinity is huge and every dream of yours is part of it, and that is still only a fraction of the infinity of eternity where everything is possible. Don’t be afraid of dreaming of what you wish. It can be yours, you just have to accept it’s existence… Your desire already contributed to it’s warped-into-space material. Don’t think that it depends on anything besides your openness and willingness. Barriers and conditions are not necessary. The world is being reborn in each and every moment. Just by the joy of it’s own existence… right into the middle of infinity. Why? Why not? So take a look at how you could feel good! The answer is simple: in any way! Not only through something or after something or depending on something.

Enjoy the weirdest moments of life. And enjoy the most everyday ones, too. They are all new and they all die and you can always enjoy only the one that is yours right now. Don’t hold yourself back from enjoying what is yours because it’s already given to you. And enjoy it to the fullest and in each and every moment. Don’t wait for the “perfect” time when you will be more”able” or more free to enjoy life. This one, the one that’s here right now and the “other one” doesn’t differ, except for one thing: the current one already exists and the “future” one doesn’t. The “future” is always “far” and you never know what it will look like. And when it will stand in front of you it will turn into the that current moment and won’t differ from the presently existing one. Right now you have all possibilities to be happy. So don’t repulse joy away from yourself don’t restrict it’s existence into the future. You are the child of light radiating this wonderful life and creating your world in each moment. Surrender to this radiant Self of yours, surrender to God and enjoy the full reality, not only part of it. Joy itself is whole, complete and doesn’t depend on anything, only that you have to make the decision.

Allow yourself to be happy because only then can you share it with your loved ones. What you have is what you can share with others. Just remember: when you’re happy, in balance and aware, everything that happens around you adds to your joy. Your joy doesn’t depend on any circumstances though… smile and happiness radiates out of you and each and every moment of yours is pervaded with love… regardless how others think or behave around you. Right then you love unconditionally.

What is the most you can give? Allow yourself to be filled with smile and allow this radiance of light glow upon everyone. Many don’t know the secret: Unconditional love is nothing but pure joy of the everlasting moment.

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